• It was established with experienced management staff with different resumes in the wind energy sector.

  • It is one of the leading companies in the wind energy sector in the fields of project development, project management and consulting.

  • As Synergy Energy, we have experience of installing more than 25 licensed and unlicensed wind power plants in Turkey and abroad, equivalent to a total installed power of 1500 MW.

Briefly Our Services

Wind Energy , Solar Energy, Real Estate:

Project management
Project Works
Consultancy services
Service and Maintenance Works

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References-Ending Projects

Turkish Market Leader 314 Nos Wind Turbine Installation and Commissioning

2019, 28 Nos WTG Installation and Commissioning
2018, 83 Nos WTG Installation and Commissioning
2017, 73 Nos WTG Installation and Commissioning
2016, 131 Nos WTG Installation and Commissioning

Eksim Investment Holding 2011-2016
235 MW Project Management with Permits, Contracts, Site Management

2011 Susurluk Wind Park -45 MW 18 WTGs EPC Project Management
2012 Tokat Res- 40 MW, 16 WTGs EPC Project Management
2012 Amasya Res- 40 MW, 16 WTGs EPC Project Management
2013 Hasanbeyli Res- 50 MW, 20 WTGs EPC Project Management
2014 Silivri Res 45 MW, 18 WTGs EPC Project Management
2015 Susurluk Res- Ext 15 MW, 5 WTGs EPC Project Management

Solar Energy

Solar energy source is one of the most important part in renewable energy that convert the heat and light of the Sun, which is one of the renewable energy sources, into electrical energy and make it usable in homes and businesses. Direct current begins to form in the solar cells on the panels thanks to the sun's rays.

It is connected to the house or workplace by measuring the amount of energy obtained according to the region in which it is located or the season in which it is used, by establishing a serial or parallel device.

It can be installed on the roofs of your factories or the roof gardens of your homes. With this application that converts the solar energy obtained into electrical energy, you can easily operate any device such as refrigerator, TV, charger.

Thanks to its durable structure, the solar panel, which allows you to save energy by using it for many years, is a complete environmental friend. It does not pollute the environment and does not cause discomfort as it operates silently. High efficiency is one of the reasons why it is preferred so much today.

Its efficiency is quite high especially in sunny days. It helps you to decrease your bills with the energy saving you will provide.

Businesses and residences that do not pay a self-sufficient electricity bill have become feasible with the latest regulations. It is aimed to reach the most profitable planning with the most efficient panel, mounting angle, connection combination and inverter selection by analyzing your investments in the most efficient way.

Scope of Works

  • Calculation Panel and Inverter Selection (for Factory Roof or Residential)
  • Projecting and Project Approval
  • Network and Loss Accounts
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Bid specification
  • Project management Deployment
  • Commissioning